ZIP motorized Blinds

Automatic ZIP blinds system is your lift style

We Introduce Our New ZIP outdoor roller blinds

ZIP outdoor roller blinds system preventing heat to enter rooms while allowing soft light in and block solar radiation and UV.Sunshade system can adjust visible light, Meanwhite lt is transparent to ensure a sweeping view of outside landscape.

ZIP outdoor roller blinds system has excellent wind resistance capability.The weighted bottom bar is completely parallel to windowsill,making sure that roller blinds can connnect windowsill seamlessly when this way the system can prevent insect from entering the house and at the same time ensure good ventilation.


Remote Control

With a press of a button, you will be able to control your ZIP blinds with ease. Saving you the trouble from doing it manually.


Schedule your ZIP blind timing. Your roller blinds will now be raise and lower automatically according to your scheduled timing.

Fabric roller and box

The box is mainly made of Aluminium and the sunface is powder-coated.Inside the box,there is a shaft system special for fabric,which holds roller shutter well on side channels.In addition, the well-sealed box plays a very good protective effect for roller and motor.

You can even control your roller blinds on your very own smartphone device. With a single tap, you can control your roller blinds anytime, anywhere.

Side channel​​​​​​

Side channel is mainly made of Aluminium and sunface is power-coated.It combines with outer channel and inner channel.Outer Chanel can be divided into two parts,both are connected closely with outer frame by screws.Inne channel is made of UPVC,which has good mechanical property.Additional,its rubber buffer can neutralize gust effect well.What's more,the interlocking between inner channels and fablic sunface's zipper device ensures no wrinkles. Fabric,outer channel and inner channel cooperate quite good under ordinary use.

DC Silent Motor


3 Years Warranty

Good Quality

Touch Motion

Durable Belt

Soft Start

Heavy Duty Track